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Neema Saves You
Time and Money
1% Fee
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Send Numerous Times
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Within 30 Minutes
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1% Flat Fee
On ANY Amount
No matter the amount of money you wish to send, you will only have to pay a 1% fee. Neema is consistently transparent and there are NO hidden fees whatsoever.
"Now with Neema, I can pay a small fee when I send money to my family back in Manila. It is so easy to use and I know my money is safe."
Juan Santos, 28, Philippines
Neema Saves You
Time and Money
Send money within minutes to your loved ones abroad. With Neema, it has never been easier to send money directly to bank accounts or cash pick up stations in your home country.
"I sent money to my daughter so she could pay for school. I was so happy to hear that she received it within minutes and was able to pay for her education."
Chirapat Bunyasarn, Thailand
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Our Mobile App
The Neema App allows you to send money instantly. All of the calculations are done for you so you can easily send money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
"The Neema App is so easy to use. I am glad I can instantly see how many PHP my family will get in the Philippines without me having to search all over for the best rate."
Nicole Navarro, 46 Philippines
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Tel Aviv central station
4th floor store #4312
Sunday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday: 3pm to 9pm
Contact and Support
Phone: 077-2203521
We'll do our best to respond in 24h
You Can Count On Us
Neema is for people who work hard for their money. Your trust and happiness is our number one priority. Neema is compliant with the highest security standards, and employs strict KYC and AML practices. You're money is fully insured and always safe with Neema.

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